Sunday, June 5, 2011


June 5

Hello from Poros, Greece! After Lugano, I flew into Athens this week, where I met up with the rest of the group. We are currently sailing in the Saronic islands and they are beautiful.  Everyone on the islands have been especially friendly to us. We've had a little bad luck with the boat though. Yesterday as we left Aegina, the engine on the boat broke. There wasn't any wind that day, so we slowly drifted back towards port for several hours while waiting for Vardis to come from Athens to meet us and fix it.  In the meantime we swam in the Aegean sea. The water is clear enough to see all the way to the bottom! We also saw some dolphins in the morning. After some repairs, we set sail again and even found some wind. We're all learning how to crew the boat and I got to steer for a while.  Today we are in Poros, hopefully we make it to Hydra tonight!

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  1. Hi Kim! Nice to read your post :)
    You have to tell me how was in Greece and all the information about the boat trip. Location, numbers, prices etc....
    Enjoy it all!